Padstow Tasting Room – Duke Street

The Padstow Tasting Room on Duke Street is just one place in town that you can purchase and sample the excellent beers from the Padstow Brewery.

In the past it was just the tasting room on Broad Street where you could imbibe the beers (read our blog post here) but now they have expanded the opportunities wider.

The Duke Street location opened up in 2020 in the Old Post Office and is a really bright and light spot to get a drink, they describe it on their website as ‘a large and airy space’ which I think is almost the same thing πŸ™‚

We did try it out last year when they opened but this year we spent most of our evenings there


They have beer on the pump as a cask offering and also from the tap, usually only a couple of cask beers seem to be available.

The whole time were here it was the Padstow Windjammer that was on. I had several pints of that and thoroughly enjoyed it


The two favorite beers we were supping was that Padstow Windjammer that I mentioned and also the Pocket Rocket which was the first Padstow Brewery beer we ever tried and also one of our favorites.

The Pocket Rocket is an ‘Extra Hoppy Cornish Pale Ale‘, they say that it is their Flagship session IPA and I can see as it is eminently drinkable!

During lockdown we had some delivered when we were not able to drive down to Padstow to visit. This time, as in the past, we just bought a boxful of cans to take home in the car (as you do) πŸ™‚

The Windjammer is a Cornish Copper Ale and apparently was originally brewed as a one-off seasonal brew. It was so popular that you can get it now all the time. ‘A malt-driven traditional English ale with a smooth nutty finish and a subtle spiced fruit aroma‘ is their official description.

My take is that it is a quite smooth easy drinking ale, with a nice gentle taste. I had several


If you are not sure which beer you want or if you are in the mood to try a few then you can get one of their tasting flights with 3 different beers in a 1/3 pint glass.

I confess that over the last few years I have done the tasting flight option on many an occasion over at their Broad Street location and it is perfect when you are a bit uncertain on your choices

Today I was getting a third of the Pockarillo, a third of the Smoke and a third of the Windjammer off the cask pump.

I am not normally a fan of the darker beers but I found that this one was very drinkable and was not too malty (if that makes any sense)


Food wise it was a very simple menu at the Tasting Room, basically a grazing type of offering. We tried out a couple of their Platters which were a lot larger than we expected and were almost too much food (I say almost)


The Cornish Platter is I suppose the local version of a Ploughmans Platter and was a meat and cheese combo. I like the crusty bread that it came with and really enjoyed all the pickle vegetables, onion and gherkin, the fresh tomato, chutney and even the slices of apple.


The Nibbly Bits platter is kind of what it says in the name, I felt that we overfaced ourselves when we ordered this as it is basically five bowls of different nibbles and maybe we would have been better off with just a few bags of crisps.

If you are in for the evening supping a few beers and in a group then this is probably a good option, but it was a lot for two people and got in the way of my drinking πŸ™‚

One of the things that I like the most about the Padstow Brewery is that they manage to offer something for everyone on their list of beers.

With beers ranging in strength from 2.8% up to 11.0%, and eveything from a lager to a stout I would hope that most people are happy.

They also do serve local Gins and Wines so if you are not a beer drinker and find yourself in the tasting room, fear not they have something for you

This Padstow Tasting Room is located on Duke Street as you may have surmised from it’s name. Officially the address in 8 Duke Street, Padstow, PL28 8AA

The details of the tasting rooms and the brewery are on the Padstow Brewery website and you can also check their Facebook page, Twitter feed and Instagram profile to see what is going on as well

At the moment (and maybe for the next while) it is best to book a table if you want to get a drink here as it is very popular. They did do walk ins but the week we stayed we ended up booking to make sure and it was all very easy.

Be warned though that at this time it closes at 9pm and last orders was about 8.30. So we often booked the last time slot and then you got a decent run at the tasting

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