The Coddy Shack in Looe: Bit of Decent Fish and Chip action

The Coddy Shack in Looe was one of our first ports of call when we arrived in town, it was just along the road from the Looe Bay Holiday park when we had bagged an AirBNB for the week and I already had it on the list for a chippy tea on our first night

I had seen it on the map when I was checking out the area and had drooled over some of food images on their instagram profile while planning the trip.

I had hoped to eat in the restaurant but they had a wedding on so we stood inline with what seemed like the rest of Looe to order some Fish and Chips to takeaway

There was a printed takeaway menu as well as a set of chalkboards listing out everything that the Coddy Shack had to offer. I like to keep it simple for us all though so I just took a picture of the most important one that talked about the Fish and the Chips.

Lets get it straight it was going to be Fish, Chips and Mushy peas twice, and the only real decision was going to be between Cod and Haddock. For the record today Cod won for me.


The highlight of the takeout from The Coddy Shack was the Battered Cod which was pretty juicy inside the exceptionally crisp coating. The batter had a nice golden colour and the fish tasted nice and fresh.

There were a lot more chips than I put on the plate but I was trying to be restrained and not over face myself before I got started. I quite liked the chips although they did look a bit pale. The mushy peas were a bit weird to look at, quite thick and not very saucy, but they did taste fine enough


I would have liked to have eaten in the restaurant to see what it was like straight from the fryer, especially as they were cooking everything to order. I did wonder if carrying it back to the caravan made a difference, perhaps we should have just dug it straight out of the bags on a bench on the way back.

If we come back this way again I really want to eat in the restaurant as the menu does sound good with stuff like ‘Local scallops, pan fried in garlic & parsley butter’ and ‘tempura calamari, garlic mayo & granary bead’ on offer.

I mean that ain’t no chippy tea, but I like to posh it up now and again. Anyway for today it had been a take out and it did the trick making us fully replete and satisfied 🙂

The Coddy Shack is located at Great Tree Farm, St Martins, Looe PL13 1NX. It is about 5 minutes drive up the hill from East Looe and a short walk from the Looe Bat Holiday Park.

You can check them out on their Facebook page and their Instagram Profile

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