Gyoza Gyoza Streetfood at Bustler Market

Gyoza Gyoza Streetfood were at Bustler Market in Derby over the weekend while we were visiting our friends Secret Burger Club (read more about that here).

Now as much as I love my burgers I also love a dumpling too with a passion so when we read that they were going to be at this Street Food venue we knew we had our starters sorted! 🙂

On their chalkboard menu they were offering up Gyoza Bento boxes with ‘soft sticky rice and crunchy asian slaw‘ for £8 and also Trays of Gyoza (chicken, veg or hoisin duck) for £6.

We didn’t need all the extra frills so were happy to settle for a tray of six chicken gyoza


Six plump ‘potsticker’ type dumplings or Japanese Gyoza to play the game, neatly laid out and topped with a drizzle of spicy mayo, some crispy bits and a few coriander leaves sat before us waiting to be devoured

I have to say straight off that the gyoza tray from Gyoza Gyoza was quite a beautiful sight and really well prepared. It was almost a shame to ruin the view but of course it had to be done.

One has to always include the action shot working the chopsticks with authority to pick up the gyoza. To be fair it is much easier than picking up peanuts which was how I was ‘taught’ to use chopsticks many moons ago

It was also really useful to show the charring on the bottom of the dumpling where it has stuck to the pan just as all good ‘potstickers’ should.

I loved the chew of the casing and softness of the well flavored and seasoned filling. It was a really joy to find that the dumpling stayed intact as I held it mid air and mid bite. Very good construction and gyoza preparation here from Gyoza Gyoza Streetfood.

I thoroughly enjoyed this trayful and I will have my eye out for them again as I travel around looking for tasty bite of food and morsels to devour.

Gyoza Gyoza Streetfood are “a Shropshire based, one-stop, gyoza loving, street food pop-up” (in their own words) “Bringing Tasty Japanese Street Food to the Midland and Beyond

I found them at Bustler Street Food Market in Derby but you can find them all over.

Check out their Website for booking details and their Facebook page, Instagram profile and Twitter feed for up to date info on what they are up to and where they might be

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