Pies at the Norfolk Pie Man in Sheringham

Norfolk’s Pie Man in Sheringham is legendary, and if it is not? well it should be! Every seaside town has a Fish and Chip shop but how many of them have a Pie and Mash shop?

Last year when we were on holiday in North Norfolk I spotted the Pie Man and was gutted that I had already eaten as I really wanted to try a pie.

Is it a bit sad that a year later when a trip to Sheringham was mentioned I suggested we could go and get some Pie and Mash from that Norfolk Pie Man?

Of course not, what is a bit sad is that my travelling companion was of the same mind, any excuse for a bit of Pie 🙂


On the Pie + Mash section of the menu they were offering a Pie with Gravy (or liquor) for £6.95. The Pie options being ‘Steak‘, ‘Steak + Kidney‘, ‘Steak + Ale‘, ‘Steak + Stilton

If you didn’t fancy a Steak Pie it was Chicken + Mushroom, or Minced Beef + Onion

Peas (Mushy or Garden) were available for an extra quid.

Sliding my eyes across the menu I saw a Cottage Pie with Fresh Vegetables on offer for £7.95 and I was briefly tempted but once I found out that I could swap mash for chips I was back on board with the Pie game, and anyway I came for Pie so it was already a done deal in my mind

Just looking at the chalkboard gave me an insight into the tastes of the locals and of the visitors to town. ‘Roast of the Day‘, ‘Cod, Chips and Peas‘, ‘Jacket Potatoes‘, ‘Lasagne‘, ‘Ham, Egg and Chips‘ essentially all the classics and plenty of music being played to my tastebuds.

For a Cafe specialising in Pies it was quite surprising to see how much else was on offer. I suppose though that if you want to compete for Trade in a seaside town you are going to have to appease the masses with a bit of everything else for the non pie eaters.


The Steak and Ale pie with mash was particularly good. A nice well baked pie crust filled with tender chunks of well cooked steak mixed with a rich beefy sauce.

The thick dark gravy poured over the top was exactly what was needed to go with the huge pile of mash served alongside the pie. A large mound of thick creamy mushy peas was the final piece on the plate bringing it all together.

This was real stick to the hips food, and more than enough to fill you up for a day walking along the beach front and pottering along the coast


I am a bit of a sucker for a cheap chicken and mushroom pukka pie from the chip shop and that was sort of what I had in mind when I asked if I could get chips to go with my pie.

This chicken and mushroom pie is a lot better and would wipe the floor with any chippy effort in a battle of the pies.

Just like the Steak pie you get a lot of proper meat filling inside the well backed crust, loads of soft mushroom as well and a creamy white sauce to boot.

It did come with a lot of gravy which I did need to eat up those thin chips or fries and the peas.

While I really liked the pie and some of the chips, my ‘garden’ peas were just those sad ones from a tin so not as exciting as the mushy peas on the other plate. I think I would have preferred some frozen peas instead


Now I really did enjoy my pie and I would certainly have another one when back on Sheringham soil at lunchtime. I did though get a little jealous when I saw other diners eating breakfasts as I do love a greasy spoon cafe brekkie

It did not help that the Breakfast menu on the Chalkboard was right next to my table as well. It was almost taunting me with it’s offer of an ULTIMATE breakfast of ‘Sausage Pattie, 3 Bacon, 2 Eggs, Beans, Mushrooms, 2 Hash Browns, Black Pudding, 2 Toast and a Tea‘ for £9.95!

To be honest that did sound a bit overwhelming and I would probably just stick to the ALL DAY which was ‘2 Sausages, 2 Bacon, 2 Eggs, Beans, Mushrooms, Black Pudding and a Tea’ for £7.95

I don’t really like Hash Browns and I would probably not eat much of the toast anyway. I was intrigued by the sausage pattie and potentially some extra bacon though.

The highlight of the whole breakfast menu was the absence of the tomato, tinned or otherwise I just end up leaving it so I was glad to see that it had no place in this pie establishment 🙂


Back up at the counter to pay for our food I was interested to see that they sell all the pies for takeout as well. If we had been up this way for a bit longer and needed some supplies for scoffing in the caravan I might have bought some. Now of course I am regretting that decision

Another moment of regret was not getting a Norfolk Pasty to take away. When I am off myfoodhunting in Cornwall I was eating 1-2 a day at various places, sometimes more.

These were really big pasties as well and for £3 I still cannot fathom what I was thinking when I walked away from this opportunity. Perhaps I can blame it on being full of pie, but really I have no excuses 🙂

Norfolk’s Pie Man billed as per the sign on the wall outside as “Sheringham’s FAMOUS Pie & Mash Shop” is the place to visit if you are over this way on the North Norfolk Coast.

They are located at 50 Station Rd, Sheringham, NR26 8RG really close to the main car park by the Train Station. You can check them out and contact them through their Facebook Page

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