Breakfast at the Lodge Farm Cafe

The Lodge Farm Cafe on the A17 near Holbeach is a classic roadside diner and was once the Truckstop of the Year (in 2018). Popular with the Truckers, it also caters for the locals, holidaymakers, and caravanners passing by on their way to the coast.

We usually stop at the Farm Shop cafe which is just a few minutes further up the road (read more here), but we were being more adventurous on this road trip and were giving somewhere else a chance to fill us up with breakfast fuel for our journey

They have a really good breakfast menu filled with all the classics that you would be hoping for and the staff were all very friendly and welcoming when we arrived.


There is a lot more on the breakfast menu than just the cooked and fried stuff, but just for the moment that was all that we were looking at as we paused for some ‘greasy spoonesque’ action.

There are four main breakfasts on offer; Small, Medium, Large, and with Chips. Each slightly larger than the other and slightly pricier £4, £5, £6 and £7. You could also add extra’s for 50p each.


The Small breakfast was just £4 and was made up of 1 Egg, 1 Bacon, 1 Sausage, Beans or Tin Toms and Slice of Toast which sounded ok as a starting template, we added a slice of black pudding and a slice of fried bread for another 50p for each item and it was looking good for £5 🙂


I opted for the Large Breakfast which was a plate of 2 Eggs, 2 Bacon, 2 Sausage, 2 Hash Browns, Beans or Tinned Tomatoes, and 2 slices of Toast & Butter for just £6

The sausages were those ‘dubious’ catering ones that are really soft inside as they often are in places like this on the road. I personally don’t mind them if the skin is crispy enough but to be honest two of them was one too many.

I could have swapped or ordered a Lincolnshire Sausage as an extra item from the options on the menu so I can’t really complain as I had my chances, I just didn’t take them

The eggs cooked in those ring molds didn’t look that pretty but they still had a runny yolk and they fitted better on the plate cooked like this.


Once all the plates had arrived it was time for a bit of trading up, I swapped a hash brown for half a slice of black pudding and was pretty pleased with my plateful after that.

The black pudding had a decent flavour and I was happy that it was one with those lumps of white fat within the slice. That makes me feel that it was not too processed. I was glad that I had swapped it for one of my hash browns.

The bacon really did look a bit laden with grease from the flat top but appearances can be deceptive as it tasted really good, nice and salty and actually quite meaty

The beans were there to be mopped up with the slices of white toast that came with the breakfast. I reckon that if I had committed the cardinal sin of ordering the breakfast with the chips then I would have been happy mixing my beans with the chips.

I was pleased to see that they also catered for the non-meat eaters with a Small, Medium, and Large breakfasts but some reason they don’t get offered chips which is fair enough 🙂

The menu also has Breakfast sandwiches, bacon, sausage, and egg ones for £3. They also offered a Breakfast Bap of all three for £4 which is a steal really getting them all in a bun for a quid more

All in all I was happy that we stopped off hereat the Lodge Farm Cafe to check them out. It was a much lighter and airy space than I had expected. There were plenty of tables and it was all very well organised with table service.

I would come back again next time we pass up the A17 perhaps timing with lunch to see what else they have on offer on the menu later in the day

I read somewhere that they have homemade pies!

The Lodge Farm Cafe is located at 138 Washway Rd, Holbeach, Spalding PE12 8JA. It is much easier to enter and arrive than some of the other stops on the A17 as there is a proper junction and the actual cafe is set back off the main road.

They do have a Facebook Page that you can check out for more details and contact information

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