Fish and Chips at Henry’s of Hunstanton

Henry’s of Hunstanton is a Fish and Chip shop and Restaurant right in the heart of the action overlooking the Green. Last year when we visited town it was takeaway only but this season we were happy to find that we could dine in again.

There are plenty of places in town to grab a bit of chippy action, some fancier than others and we were hoping that Henry’s was going to be towards the posher end of the scale.


I was happy to read that the Fish was ‘Battered and fried in beef dripping, the old fashioned way!’ I know that some people say that they cannot tell the difference but I reckon that can and it is a lot better in my opinion, it cooks better and it tastes better. Note: they also cook gluten free and in vegetable oils if you so desire

I ordered the 8-10oz Cod, skinless and boneless for Β£11.50. It was to come ‘served with chips and a lemon wedge and a choice of one of the following: garden peas, mushy peas, curry sauce, baked beans, gravy or a side salad

Now I am not being difficult but if I was in a Fish and Chip shop and someone on my table chose the side salad to go with their battered fish? I would ask them to leave.

For the record I did of course order correctly asking for the mushy peas, I would accept curry sauce as a viable option and if dining with a child allow baked beans as an option πŸ™‚


The Cod, Chips and Mushy Peas was a fair old sized portion with a huge piece of fish laid across a mound of chips. For some reason the fish was served the wrong way around with the skin side upwards, or is that the right way? Dunno really I just flipped it over to get a better look and to be able to cut into the fish more easily to get at the actual fish


Once I had tipped the mushy peas out of the tin and rearranged my fish things were looking pretty good on my plate.

The batter was a little thicker than I have had at some places but I kind of like that. Sometimes when it is too thin and crunchy it just falls off the fish and the inside can get a bit dry

Once I cut into this battered beast I was treated to a nice big thick juicy piece of Cod. Some of the tastiest and freshest I have had for a while. Full disclosure, when I arrived at Henry’s this evening I was not that hungry and really was past eating, but this Cod was so nice I just devoured it all and really enjoyed doing so.

There were probably too many chips on the plate but then again there always are these days. Perhaps I am getting old and my ability to absorb a vat of chips in one sitting has somewhat diminished. Sadly my belly has not shrunk any so I am still scoffing past the optimal level πŸ™‚

The peas were tasty, quite green and a little thick almost paste like. Perfect for attaching a chip to a bit of cod on your fork. Nothing was falling off or escaping tonight.

All in all a really good solid plate of Fish and Chips and one to recommend and return to!


We also (one of us) ordered Chicken Goujons and chips thinking that it might be a smaller plateful but it was not. These ones seem to have come from a monster chicken though as they were massive

I am certainly not going to complain about that at all, value wise if I get 6 Chicken Goujons I do want 6 good ones, it just wasn’t the smaller meal that Mum wanted πŸ™‚

I snagged one to try and the chicken breast inside was moist and tender and the batter nice and crispy, perhaps a little heavy. I do like a bit of fried chicken and this battered option was right up my street.

You also get plenty of chips to go with your chicken as well, not as many as a larger portion but enough. The chicken would have gone well with the curry sauce as an extra dip but somewhat mistakenly we just had the peas which isn’t much of a dip.


If you did not want Fish and Chips the Main Menu does try to cater for you. OK so Scampi, Fish Cakes, Battered sausage, and Pies (even Pukka ones) seem to be fairly standard chippy options.

Battered King Prawns are there if you want to show off, basically to top your mate who gets that Scampi. Vegans get catered for with a NO beef Vegan Burger and there is Halloumi on offer as well (seems to be popular in the chip shops these days)

Personally I would only come to a chip shop for Fish and Chips or similar, ordering anything else is like going to an Indian restaurant and getting the omelette.

Henry’s of Hunstanton is located 15 the Green, Hunstanton, PE36 5AH. They opened in 2019 in what was the old Heritage Centre and if you did not know that then you would think it had always been here.

They talk about sustainability and ethical practices on their website, from using the fish from sustainable stocks and recycling oils and re-usable practices in the restaurant to reduce waste.

You can check that out on their website and if you want to see what they are up to check their Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Instagram profile

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