Magpie Cafe Bar II – Breakfast Time

It was the first morning on the Costa Del Sol in Fuengirola and we were at the Magpie Cafe Bar II in Torreblanca looking for a breakfast situation.

Now while I have no intention of eating British Food everyday that we are here I have allowed myself the chance to hunt down a few English Breakfasts partly for a treat and partly through curiosity to see what the expat community is scoffing.


Breakfast options were Small, Medium, and Large (just like many places) with options to Pick your own breakfast as well.

Breakfast Omelettes and ‘Magpie Muffins‘ were also on offer but we were sticking with the set menu today.

One of us (that would be me) getting the Medium breakfast, my dining companion having the Small Breakfast.


The Medium breakfast was “2 Eggs, 2 Sausage, 2 Bacon, Hash Brown, Beans or Tomatoes” for €5.20 which did not seem to be unreasonable after all that would be about £4.20.

The best bits for me were the eggs cooked with a lovely golden runny yolk and soft white.

Over the last year or so I have started to appreciate the Hash Brown and this one here was a triangle of crispy potato joy

The sausages were the usual catering quality efforts but these ones looks less shriveled than most, inside they were solid and the skin at least a bit crisped.

As breakfast go this one did the primary job of filling me up but some elements could have been better.

The bacon was tasty but I would have liked my fat rendered a little bit more, well actually a lot more. To be fair I didn’t ask for it to be crispy (a lesson I was to learn from for future breakfasts).

The beans were a bit thick and sweet for me, but there were at least plentiful nothing a side of toast would not sort out


The Small breakfast was 1 Egg, 1 Sausage, 1 Bacon, Beans or Tomatoes for €3.20 in this case beans were selected.

It did seem a bit small to me (but I had the medium anyway ) the egg was just as good although the bacon suffered from the uncooked rind. If I ordered this I would probably have added a couple of items off the ‘build your own’ section of the menu.

It was plenty for a smaller appetite anyway and that’s the idea, we don’t all need to fill our faces at the breakfast trough until we burst 🙂

To go with my breakfast I ordered a glass of orange juice instead of a beer like some do (it still came in an Amstel beer glass).

I really appreciated that it was freshly squeezed and it looked good alongside the fresh flowers on the table as I made some fake ass attempt to capture a moment for the instagram world 🙂

The Magpie Cafe Bar II is sister or brother to the infamous Magpie Cafe bar in Fuengirola Port where we will no doubt will visiting later in the trip.

This place has recently been taken over by Kevin & Melissa and we understood that the name and the menu was staying the same. That is probably a good thing as it is the name that draws you in, or rather that drew us through the doors.

In conversation we found that we were not the only ones, some come for the Notts County connection, some for the Newcastle Connection, and some because of the Whitby one (The Magpie Chippy).

They were all very friendly and the place was relaxed and quite homely so I would be back again when we visit town. I would remember to ask for crispy bacon next time 🙂

Located at 115, 6, Paseo Marítimo del Rey de España, 29640 Fuengirola, Spain you can check them out through their Facebook Page

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