Tapas at La Taberna K Pasa in Torremolinos

La Taberna K Pasa, hidden away on the inner street running alongside the promenade in the Montemar district of Torremolinos, is a great place to grab a beer and partake of some tapas.

It is very relaxed place, on the edge of casual, which is fine if you just want to take your time and ponder life. Maybe for some in a rush you should go elsewhere 🙂

We sat outside enjoying our drinks and tapa with the locals and clued up visitors. People were very friendly and I even had time to fix a regular diners Apple Watch, random comment I know, but it was that kind of place where you just chatted away as you ate.


Most people seemed to be here for the tapas, there was no actual menu as such you just ordered what you wanted from the counter bar inside.

I liked that as you got to see all the different dishes and they were happy to tell you what each tapa was, more or less anyway

Admittedly a lot might have been lost in translation and I confess that I did not get the full name of each dish each time, but that doesn’t really matter too much as long as I had a good idea.

Here are some of the Tapa that we tried over a couple of visits to the Taberna K Pasa


The Tapa Vierra was one of my favorite choices here at Taberna K Pasa. This was a scallop and a large shrimp cooked in a sweet and lightly spicy tomato sauce.

The lady asked me if I liked heat so I was expecting more chilli punch. Happily the more restrained level of spiciness meant that I could taste the tomato and garlic and still enjoy the simple delicate scallop and shrimp


The Tapa Estofada was not quite what we expected, as we thought it was going to be a little skewer of beef. It was instead a small beef stew with vegetables.

It was delicious anyway, tender chunks of meat in a thin gravy stock.

Was it ideal for a hot sunny day? perhaps not, but it was really good for mopping up with a bit of bread


The Albondigas or Spanish meatballs were different to some others I ate on this trip.

The texture of the ball was more coarse and crumbly than expected and the sauce more meat gravy like. Other sauces I have been given with my meatballs have been almond and a garlic tomato one.

I liked these ones though, so much so that we had them on both visits.

It does always annoy me though that you get three when they know you are sharing lol


We had the Pinchito Pollo on both visits, the first time by accident, the second time by choice. You get a skewer with about four pieces of grilled chicken and a big dollop of a thick sticky nutty sauce.

Did it feel like a Spanish version of Chicken Satay? I could not possibly comment but that was kind of how it felt when eating it, only less sweet.


The Tapa Patata Aliolo had much more to it than just potato and fancy mayonnaise, there were a whole load of leeks mixed into the potato salad and it was both creamy and tangy on the edge of tart at the same time.

I thought it was going to be a bit rich and not the best choice for a hot day but I was wrong, it was quite light and cooling, it was a great choice to go alongside the other hot dishes.


The Tapa Huevo was essentially a boiled egg stuffed with some kind of tomato and tuna salad. It was covered with a creamy mayonnaise of some sort and a small side of crisp lettuce.

I really liked this dish and we had it on each occasion that we visited, just like the potato salad it was nice to have a colder dish and one packed with flavour as well.

The Taberna K Pasa is a bit of a friends and family favorite on the Costa and It was so good that we came here twice on this trip.

Although these were my first visits personally I can see why everyone was wanting me to come and try.

You can just come to the resort area and stroll down to the front but we did it the hard way walking the promenade from Benalmadena one day and then on another day the other way walking here from Plaza Mayor. Both take an hour or so and its worth it on a nice day

Taberna K Pasa is Located at Calle Carmen 6 La Carihuela, 29620 Torremolinos Spain you can check them out on their Facebook Page

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