Magpie Bar Fuengirola Port – Breakfast

The Magpie Cafe Bar at Fuengirola Port is well known in the area as a place to head for if you are looking for a classic English Fry Up.

A few weeks back we were at Magpie Cafe II having breakfast (same menu, different people) and after chatting to the owners realized that we could not miss out on trying the original location before we left town

The Cafe is in a long strip of bars and restaurants just inside the port entrance, all filled with people supping and eating, kind of all mixed into one.

It isn’t always easy to spot which place is which but in the case of the Magpie Cafe it was very easy and they certainly were geared up to pull in the expat punters with their signage


I had the Medium Breakfast of 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, a hash brown and baked beans for 5.20, it came with buttered toast and I had a glass of freshly squeezed orange to wash it down with.

This time I asked for my bacon to be ‘dead, dead crispy’ and they did not disapoint serving me some perfectly cooked bacon, nicely rendered fat, and crispy without being overcooked, Good job guys!

The sausage, while cheap, were also cooked with a nice crisp skin, so even though the inside is still not worthy of thought at least the texture was spot on with a solid, meaty and crisp bite.

The Eggs were decent, yolk still runny, white set properly, added a bit of salt and pepper then spot on.

Toast and Beans and hash brown all did their job of filling me up for the day


Me Mam didn’t really want a massive breakfast or even the small breakfast so took advantage of the ‘build your own breakfast‘ option playing it nice and simple just getting bacon and egg with a bit of toast.

Not bad value really if you just want a smaller option, 0.40 for the egg, 1.10 for the bacon and another 1 for the toast. Bit of a bargain breakfast snack for 2.50. Lovely Jubbley!


I do enjoy the freshly squeezed orange juice over here it is very refreshing with your breakfast when sitting in the sunshine than a mug of tea.

Don’t get me wrong a nice brew of Yorkshire tea is always welcomed to go along side that glassful 🙂


I didn’t notice the Magpie Muffins option until we had ordered but next trip I am thinking this would be a good option as a takeout for the beach or bimble.

I do love a cheeky McDonalds Egg and Sausage McMuffin and even though I know it’s not the same I reckon one of the Magpie Muffins with Cheese, Egg & Sausage (or the one with bacon) for 3.20 would be hitting the spot and filling my belly as I strolled along the beach front path.


They have a decent well laid out breakfast menu at the Magpie Cafe. Small, Medium, and Large breakfasts sit alongside a build your own and a breakfast omelette section. Lots of fried food in different guises and something for almost everyone

The Magpie Cafe is located at Local 306, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain it is just off the P. Maritimo at the entrance to the port by the Amusement Park (Sould Park Fuengirola)

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