Tapas at El Octopus in Fuengirola

El Octopus in Fuengirola was a great find, tucked away on Calle marconi, one of the side streets leading away from the sea front.

It was a nice bar serving the local Victoria lager and also serving up some nice little Tapas snacks which of course we were to partake of.

I do confess that it was the sign out front adversing tapa for 1 euro that initially brought us in off the streets. In the end though it was really good without the deal so we were to be happy with what we found.

That 1 euro deal was just on the Friday and it seemed that we were not the only people taking advantage. The joint was popular and it was a bit of a hunt for table, at least ones in the sunshine


I started off with a dish of the meatballs in a rich tomato salsa, officially called ‘Albondigas en su salsa’.

These were really tasty, the accompanying sauce was a bit oily and messy so you had to be careful eating them.

I liked the slightly crumbly and rough texture of the balls, and I liked the freshness of the tomato salsa scattered with roughly chopped parsley.

I was pleased that the portion was of two meatballs as that is much easier for sharing if you feel so inclined. I didn’t so ate both of them 🙂


I have fallen totally head over heels in love with these mini hamburgers that they serve as tapas all over the place. These ones were particularly good as they just had that balance of burger sauces mustard and ketchup right.

There are really just a one or two bite snack, not even really the size of a slider. Priced at 1 euro each I could easily find myself ordering a small plateful, I reckon 5 should do it!


The Tortilla de Patata or Spanish Omelette is basically potato, eggs, and a little onion. It might not be the grandest tapa on the table but it’s a nice addition alongside the other often much richer dishes.

This one had a hidden bonus being served on top of a bit of bread that I used to mop up the tomato sauce that came with the meatballs (multitasking on the table)


Finally the last tapa I ate arrived and that was a small chorizo sausage on a slice of crusty bread. It was a very nice little morsel indeed, solid bite and a spicy garlic hit as you chewed it.

This dish really did feel bite sized and I would have rather paid more cash for a larger sausage. The bread to meat ratio was a bit out but as I said up top the bread was well used for sauce moppage elsewhere.


El Octopus also serve up that excellent local lager beer from Victoria. I know that you can get it in bottles from the supermarket back in the UK, but it really is so much tastier and refreshing getting it draught in a cold glass in the Spanish Sunshine 🙂

El Octopus is located at C. Marconi, 49, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain you can check them out on their Facebook page and on their Instagram profile

They seemed pretty popular and on Friday’s with tapa at 1 euro a pop, it’s pretty easy to see why

It’s well worth considering as a relatively cheap option and not that far from the beach and more peaceful than the places right on the front if you fancy a less frantic lunch 🙂


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