Tapas at Oscars in Mijas

Oscar’s Tapas & Drinks Bar in Mijas is one of those restaurants you plan to go to for the stunning views over the coast to the sea from up on the hill top.

That works unless of course you are seated at a table so far way from the edge that all you can see are the lovely flowers and a glass of Sangria.

It is still a great spot to pause for a moment to soak up the sun, sip a nice cold drink, and have a little bite of a few simple tapas. Life could be a lot worse than which table you sit at.

Its a bit of a sun trap and also a bit of a tourist trap so was really busy. It was nice though you just needed to relax and be patient while waiting for your food and drinks.


I chose a small bowl of Paella which really was very small and somewhat light on the good bits. Just a few bits of seafood, clams, shrimp and mussels, a small amount of chicken.

The rice was tasty enough with a nice seafood flavour, good seasoning, garlic and a bit of a tomato taste.

It wasn’t like the paella I cook but lets be honest I am neither Spanish or a trained Chef so it was hard to compare. I liked it but it was quite a small dish and I would have liked a bit more.


We were only really grazing lightly while we had a drink in the sun so just picked a couple of other tapas to eat with a bit of crusty bread.

First up was a dish of Pork with mushrooms and ham in a white white sauce or Cerdo Con Jamon a la Segoviana as they called it in these parts

This was very tasty indeed and was quite generous with the pork and ham. It was a little bit rich and without the bread could have been a bit too much to eat in the hot sunshine.

I would look for this dish again on any tapas menu that I peruse for sure


We also had a dish of the Pollo Al Roquefort or Chicken in Roquefort Sauce, not sure I need the translation though even I had managed to figure out what it was when I read it on the specials sheet.

I wasn’t quite as keen on this dish as it was another rich one and perhaps a bit too full of cheese for me. It wasn’t my choice though so I am not complaining I just ate a little bit and said that ‘you can have the rest since you really wanted it’

I reckon that it would have been better to just have one of these two tapas at least for balance on the table and I would pick the Pork dish

If we came back I would probably be more inclined to stick to some tried and trusted favourites from the chalkboard. Even though we have only been here a few days I already know what I like and would be very happy with the Chorizo in Red wine, the Curried Meat Balls and the Garlic Shrimp.

I know that I need to be more adventurous though so it was nice to try a few different dishes.

Oscars tapas & drinks bar is located at Plaza de la Constitucion, 204, Mijas, Spain.

The best way to enter is by using the lift. You could try and walk down the slope where the water would run into the pool like we did as it looked like a path but you would look a bit daft falling off the end, not that I did (yes I did)

Check them out on their website and Facebook page

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