Dinner at Casa Roberto in Fuengirola: Excellent Food and Service and a whole lot of fun

Casa Roberto Restaurant in Fuengirola located on Spain Street is a rather quirky yet rather excellent place to dine at when in town.

I came here on recommendation from the @guyswhodine and as expected the food was great, the experience was unexpected but in a good way

The place was very popular and was almost full as soon as it opened for the evening service, we hadn’t booked but luckily got a table just inside the doors. Others arriving moments after us were not so lucky.

Apparently the restaurant is famed for the number of golf clubs hanging from the ceiling, something that I didn’t expect at all but as a golfer enjoyed seeing no end.

I read that they were in the Guiness book of world records with over 4392 hanging up there

I was expecting something slightly upmarket and on the face of it that was almost what you got with nice linen table cloths and proper wine glasses.

The place though was somewhat more easy going with friendly, unpretentious and relaxed service.

They even encouraged you to write your names on the walls! (We did 🤣)


I chose the Mixed Grill Jumbo Kebab as my entree and while I could have chosen my meal more sensibly (honestly I had every intention of doing so) I was quite glad that I had not.

I had seen a chap at the next table eating one as we arrived and I knew straight away that I had to have one as well 🙂

As well as a large skewer laden with chunks of meat and sausage, you also got a massive jacket potato and pile of vegetables.

I game fully worked my way through all the meat and most of the potato, but in all honesty most of the vegetables remained

The best bites were of the different spiced sausages, the steak and chicken were good too but the sausage added a whole load of different tastes to the meal

I was glad I ordered it though and perhaps the wonder and joy in my face tells a better story than my words ever could.


After a giant meal of meat kebab the last thing any one needs is a pudding,

So clearly I had to order one. ‘Get the profiteroles, ‘it’ll be just something small and sweet to finish the meal off with

Yes well maybe the little ones from M&S from the specials counter are a mere single bite but the plateful I was served here at Casa Roberto was something else.

Four, yes Four large profiteroles filled with cream, perched upon a mound of ice cream and drizzled with a ladelful of chocolate sauce was to be my ‘small bite to finish’

Christ on a bike this was another level on this journey of gluttony

For the record, did I eat it all? yes I did, and was it nice? yes it was bloody lovely!


They were offering an exceptionally good value Daily Menu with Starter and Main plus dessert , coffee or tea for just €15 which was a far more sensible dining option

In a different universe my dining companion was taking advantage of this offer choosing the Pasta Salad with Chicken, and the Sea Bass. A more grown up journey through the evening


The Pasta Salad with chicken was served with a curry mayonaisse.

Now I am not going to suggest that this was basically Coronation Chicken with salad but that was the take home message from the taste buds after taking a couple of bites

It was a rather large plateful, the star of the show was the handmade pasta topped with lots of green stuff, lots of chicken, lots of creamy curry mayo! Jolly good effort for a salad starter 🙂


The Sea Bass was supposed to come with a shellfish sauce but they were happy to swap the sauce to the Champagne sauce that was to accompany the sole dish. Happily that worked just as well with the meal.

The fish was perfectly cooked and came served with a small scattering of carrots, potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli florets.

Fortunately someone else (we all know who) sitting across the table had a lot of vegetables going spare so there was plenty to bulk out this dish if desired.

So there we were, two totally different dining experiences food wise, both excellent and both most enjoyable.

This is certainly a place to try out and a recommendation happily accepted and now returned to anyone chancing upon this blog post looking for a decent meal and a great night out in Fuengirola.


I am not sure what may await you in the Ladies lavatory but in the gents this rather spectacular model was all the talk of the stalls.

I said that this place was a bit quirky and it was a lot of fun as well

Casa Roberto is located at C. España, 8, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain down ‘Fish Alley’ as I have been told it is called.

It was very popular and busy when we dined here, however it was surprising large and people kept arriving and were ushered away upstairs or some some nook or cranny or other.

They certainly looked after you and were most accommodating.

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