Burgers at Giraffe World Kitchen in Malaga Airport

Giraffe World Kitchen at Malaga Airport in Terminal 1 was one of just a few dining options that we found on our way home from Spain.

There were the usual fast food joints and some Jamie Oliver’s Deli spot but when it came to somewhere that you can actually sit down at a table to eat this place was pretty much all we found.

The place was rammed and we had to queue to get in, once inside it seemed fairly lively with lots of groups drinking beers while waiting for their flights.

It all felt a bit chaotic and while we got to order quite quickly the food took some time to come out.

It seemed that they forgot our order although they said that they hadn’t of course, but people coming in after us got their food first and the same food we had ordered (burgers) so it wasn’t like we had ordered anything complicated.


Anyways we were here now, it was what it was, we needed food, we were I guess the captive audience and we were to get burgers and beer to keep us full if not totally happy 🙂

When it finally arrived it did look like a decent sized plate of food. The picture looks somewhat out of scale and you might think that the burger was quite small but the opposite was the truth.

The bowl of fries was really large and the burger was quite big too. To be honest we could have easily shared one portion of fries, but that wasn’t how it worked we got one each with the burger.


The Classic Cheese Burger was described on the menu as ‘Grilled beef patty, mature Cheddar cheese, red onion, crispy onion, tomato and Giraffe burger sauce’ and it came with a side of ‘seasoned’ fries.

It wasn’t a bad burger for an airport burger, it tasted nice, the ‘giraffe sauce’ did it best to make the burger more interesting. The actual meat patty was quite a solid affair not the most exciting but acceptable enough.

I was happy to get a decent slice of melted cheese on top of the burger, the ‘crispy onions’ added texture and the bread bun surrounding it all was quite nice.

Salad wise there was a bit too much red onion in there for my tastes, but the actual lettuce was crisp enough and the tomato slice big enough to cover the bun.

Personally I would have put the salad on top as being placed on the bottom it just causes everything else to slide off the lower bun. Even better take the salad out and put it on the side or leave it in the kitchen it wasn’t bringing much to the party.

Overall it did the job of filling us up and keeping us going and meant that we didn’t have to eat the crap on the plane or worry about finding food when we got home so fair play.

Giraffe World Kitchen at Malaga Airport is located at Terminal 1 on the passenger side of the ropes, so you can only come here if your are flying or working at the airport.

Reviews seem mixed and I can see why, it’s busy and people who are flying are never really the happiest bunnies so its probably a love hate kinda spot. I am not going to kid you that it was the greatest meal in the world but it was an acceptable option if you can see your way past the chaos

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