Breakfast at Farmer’s Feast Cafe in Bakewell

The Farmers Feast Cafe in Bakewell is located at the Agricultural Business Center on Agricultural Way right next to where they hold the monthly Farmers Market.

I don’t really know why I hadn’t eaten there before, maybe because it always looks too busy or more likely because more often than not when we visit the market we often grab a bite from one of the stalls or get something in Bakewell itself.

Today we were enroute to Stockport, pausing at the Market on the way, we had quite a bit of spare time and I needed sustenance for the day ahead.

I was really in the mood for a breakfast so I was being very hopeful when we walked through the doors into the cafe as it was past midday. Would we be in luck?

The breakfast board was offering a Mega Breakfast for £9 and a Full English for £7.50 but there was no real indication of what you were getting for your money.

I could have had a cob of some sort with a breakfast item such as egg, bacon, or sausage in various combinations for between £3 to £4 but I really fancied a plate of breakfast.

I asked if they were still doing breakfasts since it was past the official serving time of 11.30 am. Happily they were and the bloke behind the counter just picked up a plate and started loading it up.


I love a breakfast counter like this where you can see everything that they have. They really were well prepared for the masses at the market, I reckon they had enough sausage and bacon to make breakfast baps for everyone!

As the chap started to fill up my plate he was really piling it on! I am not sure if I was just getting loads because it was past time and they had a lot left but that was kind of how it seemed.

I was given a bit of everything and then when it came to time to pay he said I’ll just charge you for a Mega breakfast. I lucked out and I suspect my real bill would have been a lot more 🙂


I was loving the bacon, it was a really meaty, really tasty, light smoke and lots of lovely crispy fat.

I had about 4 slices and I think that was just generosity on behalf of my server as they had loads left in the tray!

I really liked the black pudding, it was thick and creamy with loads of gorgeous lumps of white fat in and amongst the slice.

I quite liked the hash brown, it seemed to have more flavour than some other places I think that there was a bit of onion in there. I like to imagine it had imbued breakfast aromas from all the other stuff it was mingling with on the counter 🙂

My freshly fried egg was joyous, nice runny yolk, not overcrisp with a firm white.

I haven’t had fried bread for ages and it was pretty much as I remembered just bread full of fat. It was ok today though as I had a lot of beans and tomatoes to mop up.

I do prefer toast as my standard bread option though any day of the week.

The sausages were not too bad at all, a bit better than catering efforts and well cooked so that they had a decent colour on them. I did have one too many if I am honest but only because there was so much else to eat on the plate.

For once I quite enjoyed the beans which were in a nice thick sauce (perhaps they had been hanging around a while) and even the tinned tomatoes. I think that was because I really needed sauce and wetness to mop up all that meat and bread.

For the record my extended Mega Breakfast contained 4 slices of bacon, 2 sausages, hash brown, mushrooms, black pudding, beans, tomatoes, fried bread and just the one fried egg (I think I could have had more)

It looks like an overladen plateful and a mammoth feast and that is exactly what it was! Awesome


After I had eaten my breakfast I had a look at the Lunch menu where they had a Full English Brunch with Chips for £10.50 which explains why there was so much breakfast stuff left on the counter!

Roast Dinners Pork, Beef, and Ham all available at the same price alongside the classics like Cottage Pie, Steak Pie, Lasagne, Sausage and Mash, and the less classic but much loved old school Liver and Onions.


While I was having the breakfast me Mam was having a Roast Pork cob, the meat being carved to order from the Roast meat section of the counter.

As we were waiting we heard that all the meats and produce used in the cafe came from local farms and traders.


The Roast Pork cob was also huge, loads of meat, loads of stuffing and some nice crackling. If I hadn’t been set on scoffing down a breakfast I would have happily settled for one of these!

The Farmer’s Feast bar and cafe is located at The Agricultural Business Centre, Agricultural Way, Bakewell, DE45 1AH

It is a very welcoming place, friendly staff, no frills perhaps but all good solid well cooked food.

I was very happy with my breakfast, liked the look of the meat cobs and would happily come back again to try some more food or have a slightly smaller breakfast 🙂

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