Billys Breakfast Bap at Billys Cafe

Billy’s Cafe on the A17 near Fleet Hargate by Holbeach is one of those truck stops where you can grab a bite to eat on your way to and from the Lincolnshire or Norfolk Coast.

Last time we stopped here it was called the Farm Shop Cafe (read more here) and it seemed to be very much the same vibe and food when we visited this time.

In the past we have stopped on the way to the coast for a breakfast, today we were on our way back so we were not sure what was going to be on offer


Even though it was way after the breakfast if you still really did want a brekkie fry-up you could get a Large Breakfast for £8.50.

Made up of 3 Bacon, 3 Sausage, Beans, Tomato, Mushrooms, Hashbrown, Egg and Fried Bread it really does sound large, and you get toast, and you get a cup of tea!


I was past eating a full breakfast and was thinking something with chips perhaps the ‘Sausage, Egg, Chips and Beans’ that was on the chalkboard above the counter. I didn’t fancy paying £8.50 for the privilege of eating it though.

Billy’s Breakfast Bap for £5.95 was looking a lot more reasonable and certainly well within my typical dining wheelhouse. A Bap filled with 2 sausages, 2 bacon, and an Egg? Yes please I’ll have one of those, ooh and a cup of tea.


When it comes to meals like this I figure that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. On the plate it does not look that amazing but content wise and size wise I was happy with what I was getting.

Floury Bun, crispy bacon, crispy sausages, fried egg with a crispy base, and a random hash brown that appeared unexpectedly (also a bit crispy)

One thing that pleased me no end was the way in which my sausages had been cooked. If I have to eat slighty shady catering sausages I need them to be cooked really well, by which I mean crispy.

The ones here in Billy’s Bap were cooked to certain death, sliced in half and layered on the bottom bun of my bap. Am I moaning, hell no, I love stuff like this, bit of brown sauce or red if you so choose and all is well.

The Bacon inside the bap was also cooked to be quite crisp, although some fat was left intact so there was some moistness left and not just meatiness to the slice.

Overall nothing to grumble about here, a rather large well packed breakfast bap with a bonus hash brown for £5.95.

The staff are nice, you get a nice cup of tea, it’s clean and tidy and no frills in the best possible way

Billy’s Cafe is located Near Fleet Hargate on the A17 near Holbeach in Lincolnshire on the side of the road heading towards the coast.

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