Breakfast in Charlottes Cafe at Morton in Marsh

Charlotte’s Cafe at Morton in Marsh was our choice for breakfast as we passed through en route along the Fosse Way.

It was a nice welcoming looking place with decent sounding menu, a good well stocked counter of cakes and pastries and since there were plenty of seats inside and out it was an easy decision to pop in to eat.

We found a nice seat in the window, I reckon it was the best seat in the place, perfect for people watching and brightly lit so we could see our food clearly 🙂


We were focussed in on the Cooked Breakfast section where there were really only two options that we were interested in The Big Breakfast and the Mini Breakfast. The decision of which to have came down to our level of hunger or my case unadulterated greed.

The Big Breakfast was ‘2x eggs, 2x bacon, 2x sausages, 2x hash browns, baked beans, mushrooms and tomato. served with granary or white toast and butter‘ and was priced at £11.95

The Small Breakfast was only a little bit cheaper priced at £9.50 and came with more or less the same things only less of them ‘egg, bacon, sausage, hash brown, mushrooms and tomato’. also served with granary or white toast and butter‘ Strangely the small breakfast didn’t include baked beans one of the cheapest plate fillers


I was very pleased with the look of the bacon and the sausage when the plate arrived. The bacon looked really good, all the fat on the rind was nicely rendered and the meat was thick and juicy.

The sausages had a nice dark crispy skin and I was happy that they were not those catering efforts.

I was curious as to why I had a double ramekin containing the beans and the hash browns, ok the beans fair enough but I fail to see what harm the hash browns would do to the rest of the dish if not separated


In the usual fashion I emptied out the ramekins and arranged the contents of the plate a bit better so that I could get a good look at the breakfast fare and eat it properly.

I liked everything on the plate with the exception of the random bits of green parsley, perhaps they blew in on the wind or perhaps someone thought it would enhance the dish?

Honestly I really had nothing at all to grumble about on this plate, everything was cooked really well and all the ingredients were top notch


Often a mini-breakfast is just a poor relation to it’s bigger brother the large, but here at Charlottes it was just as good as the main event and had enough on the plate to sustain a smaller appetite.

I did comment that it was strange to have no baked beans and personally I would have been happy with a swap for the tomato if that had been an option.

Just like the large breakfast this one came with toast and jam / marmalade, so you did get a decent feed with the extra ‘breakfast pudding’ scenario once the main event was over

Charlotte’s Pantry Cafe is located at 18-19 High Street, Moreton-in-Marsh GL56 0AF.

There is a big car park alongside the main road and ample parking outside, although it does get busy once the tourists wake up we didn’t have any problems finding a spot.

I really liked the place and on the way back we called in for some cakes and pastries for when we got home. I don’t pass this way that often but would call again and would recommend them for sure

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