Pizza Rosa at the Rose Inn in Norwich

This week were were visiting Norwich to do the Go Go Discover Dinosaur trail another excellent event from Wild in Art.

We picked the Rose Inn Pub and Deli (or rather the rooms above) as our base for the trip since they serve Craft Beers, Real Ales and also serve Pizza.

All very handy after a hard day bimbling around the city in the baking hot sunshine 🙂

In their own words “The Rose Inn Pub & Deli specialises in serving amazing craft beer accompanied with stone baked pizzas. Our in-house deli stocks a wide range of artisan produce, locally sourced from Norfolk and surrounding areas

On our first night we were blessed with good fortune as it was the night of their Tuesday Treat special deal of two large pizza and a garlic bread for £20

Who eats garlic bread as well as pizza? Carb overload or what ? 🤔😱 and did we even need TWO pizzas? Well it was on the offer so we decided that we did 🤣🤣


The first pizza that we chose was the NICEY SPICEY billed on the menu as being “Tangy tomato sauce base with chilli flakes, topped with mozzarella, mild piquante peppers, fiery salami and chilli peppers “

As suggested the tomato sauce was indeed tangy, the salami was a bit fiery and the piquante peppers were mild

The sweet peppers gave a nice respite from the chilli but as they were both red it was a gamble with each bite.

This was as promised quite spicy. How nice that is depends on your enjoyment of chilli. I found it pleasantly warming (if you pulled a few bits of the chilli off your slice) but the odd bits were too hot.

In hindsight I might not have ordered this pizza but we still enjoyed eating it anyway.


The second pizza that we selected was the DOUBLE HAMMY listed as “Tangy tomato sauce & creamy mozzarella base with mushrooms, smokey speck ham, topped with Parma ham”

This was a much more forgiving eat, no spice, nice and meaty and full of pleasant and subtle flavours. I really enjoyed the smokey ham it was very gentle but added a nice aroma and taste.

I really liked all the cheese on this one as well, it seemed to have less topping so that you got all the enjoyment of the melty cheese in each bite alongside the nicely charred crust.


On the bar at the Rose Inn there was plenty of decent beer both cask and draft on offer. They were quite happy to give you a taste of each one if you were struggling to make your mind up or didn’t really know what you wanted


I lucked out as the beers rotated through the evening and they put on a beer from Totally Brewed one of my favourite local Nottingham breweries. This one was ‘4 Hop Men of the Apocalypse‘ a rather tasty beer, their ‘flagship’ beer and I believe the first one that they ever brewed. They say that “This is a satisfying pale that keeps you coming back for more! ” For the record I came back three times 🙂

The Rose Inn Pub and Deli was a great place to stay at, room on AirBNB upstairs. The pizza was really very good, excellent toppings that got the juices flowing and the taste buds a tingling combined with a really well charred chewy crust and base. Not to forget the excellent beer, welcome and friendly atmosphere in the bar

Located on the corner of Queens Rd and City Road it was very handy for the city being about a 10 minute walk away.

It was also close to the Football Ground and the train station, how close? well the first night we stayed it was full of Norwich City fans before the game and they only left 15 minutes before kick off so I would say pretty close.

Officially located at 235 Queens Rd, Norwich NR1 3AE , but there was an entrance on City Road too. You can check them out on their website

Check them out also on their Instagram profile and Facebook page

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