Brunch at The Ber Street Kitchen in Norwich

Ber Street Kitchen in Norwich described as “An Independent bespoke café offering breakfast brunch, freshly made cakes & desserts, beverages and barista coffee, all made and served with lots of love and a big smile” was our port of call for a light breakfast brunch on our second day in town

The place was recommended to us through our AirBNB welcome folder and was so close to where were staying we figured we might as well give them a whirl. We had already checked them out as we passed by and it looked really popular and the food that we saw through the window looked good.

I also liked the statement on their website under their Philosophy were they say “Our menus are made up of locally sourced seasonal produce , we also like to encourage using as much sustainable produce in our recipes as possible

I really did want to try their Full English listed as “Two sausages, Two rashers of bacon, Two eggs, Black Pudding Bon Bons, Ham Hock Bubble & Squeak, Hash Browns, Beans, Tomato, Mushrooms, Fried Bread and Toast” but I conceded that I had to leave room for more general scoffing during the day so I perused the lighter options instead.

I decided to go for one of the Poached Egg on a Muffin dishes with Benedict, Royale, Forestiere, and Florentine all being options. In the end Benedict was selected, Bacon triumphing easily over Salmon, Mushrooms, or Spinach


The Eggs Benedict described on the menu as -‘Smoked Beer Bacon, Poached Eggs, Mustard Hollandaise, and Toasted English Muffin‘ was one of the most attractive plates of food that I have been served for a while.

The crispy bacon poking out from beneath the poached eggs was both whetting my appetite and tantalizing my tastebuds. The deep rich vibrant yellow of the hollandaise sauce alongside the scattering of chopped green chives and sprinkles of paprika made it look so enticing.

It looked Ace and I forgot all about that Full English breakfast I had passed on 🙂

It looked good and happily it tasted good as well. If I am honest I cannot recall every having a nicer tasting hollandaise before, ok so fair enough they had pimped it up a little bit with the addition of the mustard and the sprinkles of paprika, but they had not gone overboard. It was creamy and light, and was the perfect foil for the eggs and the bacon.

The eggs were perfectly poached so that the white was set properly and the yolk oozed out gently as you cut into the egg. The bacon was crispy where needed, meaty and well smoked with a lovely texture and flavour

Intially I chose to ignore the large pile of mixed greens on the plate, but for once they really did have a place in the dish. It was nice to get a bit of fresh crunch and something to balance the richness of the sauce. OK I didn’t eat all of it but I gave it a fair go.

All in All a very lovely plate of food and for £8.95 I found it to be excellent value


Mother had one of the Breakfast Baps filled with Sausage, Bacon, and Egg for £5.95. It looked good and it tasted good were the reports from the other side of the table

When it arrived the fried egg on top looked perfect with a nice soft yolk, clean looking white and a little bit of crispness to the edges.

I liked that it was served in a proper soft white bap just as all breakfast baps should be.


Just for the gram and also to check out the contents we took a peek inside to find that there was a lot of really well cooked crispy bacon layered upon a couple of sliced sausages.

The sausage was not too flavoured, nice and meaty and had a charm of its own. The bacon was the star in the middle and along with that fried egg we were looking at one mighty fine breakfast bap.

I liked the vibe of Ber Street Kitchen and I loved the artwork on the walls by the artist Peter Smith available for sale at Castle Fine Art in Norwich. My favorite was the one called ‘Land of Hop and Glory‘ mainly as it featured a pint of beer and a Scotch Egg 🙂

Ber Street Kitchen was an excellent recommendation from our AirBNB hosts and I am happy to pass that recommendation onto you all.

If we come back to Norwich I will certainly be visiting again as I still have my heart set on eating that Full English breakfast

Located at 141-143 Ber Street in Norwich, NR1 3EY you can check them out on their website and also on their Facebook page and Instagram profile


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