Fresh in Norwich Market: Fusion Ramen and Rice Bowls

Norwich Fresh is one of many fantastic food vendors you can find in Norwich Market. Located on Row A in Stalls 32 and 34 they offer up a huge selection of ‘Fusion Ramen‘ and ‘Fusion Rice Bowls

Once I had read down the menu boards and seen how many different types of ramen noodles they had on offer I could not resist ordering some food to try them out.

We ordered up one of the ramen dishes and one of the rice bowls, starting with the Chicken Dumpling Ramen and followed by the Teriyaki Rice Bowl each for £7. An absolute bargain!


I had the CHICKEN DUMPLING RAMEN described on the chalkboard as “Wheat noodles in homemade chicken broth topped with chicken dumplings, boiled egg, broccoli, spring onion and coriander

I just could not resist any combination that included both dumplings AND ramen. The bowl had at least 5 or 6 pot-sticker style dumplings floating around in the broth each with a perfect casing and tasty mince chicken filling.

The bowl had a lot of crunchy broccoli some of which softened in the hot broth as I worked my way through the bowl, much was eaten early on though as I dug down to find the noodles

I liked that there was a hard boiled egg in the mix, together with plenty of thin ramen noodles which I did my best to fish out or slurp out.

I loved the chicken broth as well and ended up drinking the rest of it from the bowl after I had eaten all the other bits. It was a really lovely refreshing drink and would also be perfect for a day when you have a bit of a cold or feel a bit under the weather

If I am being picky I would have liked thicker noodles and a shallower bowl so I could see it all unfold before me as I ate instead of having to dig down to get the good stuff

But all in all a fantastic bit of ramen noodle soup action!


I just have to return to talk about those dumplings again before we move on! I fished one out to get a good look and a cheeky photo for the gram. You can see the crispy char on the base where it stuck to the pan as it was cooked (hence the name pot-sticker).

The soft casing was perfect silky and smooth to eat, with a gentle pull from the wrapper as you bite in. The crumbly minced chicken was really well seasoned and the addition of some chopped herbs really made them sing.

I could happily have just had a bowl of the dumplings and if you wanted more you could buy a portion from the counter. I didn’t but wish now that I had!


The TERIYAKI CHICKEN RICE BOWL was listed as “Marinated roasted chicken served with jasmine rice, chicken and vegetable dumplings, boiled broccoli, crispy onion and homemade teriyaki sauce

First thoughts were that the bowl was rammed full of stuff, plenty of well cooked rice, roasted chicken with a slightly sweet thick and sticky teriyaki sauce coating.

The chicken was nice and juicy, using thigh meat is a much better option in dishes like this

We liked the crispy bits for texture, the broccoli was very hard and just lightly cooked which was fine for us. The bonus of a couple of the vegetable dumplings was a nice touch as well

This was a really good portion and well worth the money!

Norwich Fresh was a really good find on the market. If I lived down here I would be working my way through their menu and could probably make it last a few months on a good solid rotation without getting bored.

The pot-sticker dumplings were some of the best I have had for ages and the broth in my chicken ramen dish was as close to perfection as I could hope for.

Check them out on their Instagram Profile for more info and details

Definitely worth a visit if you are in Norwich!


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