Farm Shop Cafe at Holbeach: Greasy Spoon Breakfast

The Farm Shop Cafe is located on the A17 near Fleet Hargate, Holbeach, we stopped off enroute to the Norfolk Coast travelling East from Nottingham towards Kings Lynn to get some breakfast to keep us going for a bit (as you do)

It was one of a few places that we chanced upon, well I say that as if there was no plan, but it was a place the the coach sometimes stops at when out on a day trip to the coast. It has that sort of feeling as if it is set up to easily greet and serve 40-50 people quickly.

Anyway it is the sort of place that you can get a fry up in the morning, pie and chips for lunch, burger etc all day for the kids and those of us that like burgers.

We rolled in at about 9am and we were both getting breakfast

The Small Breakfast for £5 was listed out as 1 Bacon, sausage, egg, mushrooms, bean and tomatoes with toast or bread and butter. That seemed plenty enough for me just to keep me going until we hit the seaside and the chance of some Fish and Chips.

I could have had the Big Farm Breakfast for £8.50 which was supposed to be 2 bacon, 2 sausage, hash brown, egg, beans, tomatoes & mushrooms plus the toast and a cup of tea or coffee. To be honest when I did the math and worked out that a cup of tea was £1.50, I realized that I was paying two quid just for an extra sausage and a hash brown, so wasn’t really worth the extra outlay

So the Small Breakfast was supposed to be 1 slice of Bacon, but I got 2 so a breakfast bonus I guess. It was not the best bacon in the world and they could have made the fat a lot crispier, but to be fair it was about what I expected.

The sausage was decidedly ropey, catering cheapness at it’s best! The egg was nicely fried and I was happy with that, the single portobello mushroom was ok too, beans were well just beans and the slices of tomato arrived and left on the plate untocuhed. I had mine with toast and was grateful for something to mop up my bean juice and egg yolk

All in all you could not really grumble with what you got for the price and quality wise it was what I was expecting. A great big no frills greasy spoon fry up served up quickly and without fuss. Just the sort of thing to fill you up for a day out at the seaside. Lovely Jubbly

The Farm Shop Cafe is located Near Fleet Hargate on the A17 near Holbeach in Lincolnshire

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